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Friday, 1-Mar-2019
4:00 PM - A Musculo-skeletal Approach to the Pilates Principles with


A Musculoskeletal Approach to the Pilates Principles with Martina Young

A 2 hr experiential workshop with the creator of A Poetic Body and the Swan Project see https://www.apoeticbody.com 

L. Martina Young, Ph.D., Somatics and Pilates Educator teaches a musculoskeletal alignment practice using Joseph Pilates’s fundamental and organisational principles designed for integrative and holistic wellness which she callsThe Swan Practice.

The Swan Practice emphasizes development of a dynamic somatic dialogue with our body’s physical experiences throughout our lifespan, and using our cognitive (mental) processes to acknowledge, identify, and articulate our experiences. In relation to Pilates principles, the result is a heightened presence of mind, capable of accessing and organising appropriate movement concepts that bring body and mind into functional and harmonized action,—a key precept of Joseph Pilates.

Recognized as a teacher of the "second generation" within the Pilates lineage, Ms. Young is an early student of Ron Fletcher (1978-84), Eve Gentry (1985-87), and a Founding Member of the PhysicalMind Institute. Her keen eye is informed by Kinesiology, her studies in Ideokinesis (author Mabel Todd, The Thinking Body)and first generation Pilates teacher and author, Bruce King’s From the Bones.

Saturday, 16-Mar-2019
12:00 PM - Pilates and Fascia -Fit Together with


A workshop exploring fascia, what it is, the science of fascia and current research.

We will discover the four dimensions of fascia, learn aspects of fascial fitness, and how Pilates and fascia fit together.

There will be practical applications integrating the four dimensions of fascia with  specific fascial exercises, and showing the effects of Pilates exercises on fascia.

We will practice assessing, teaching and participating in Pilates exercises focusing on the fascia.

We will finish with information about fascial release techniques, including hands on therapies such as Bowen, and using toolssuch as foam rollers, spiky balls, and other Pilates props.

Friday, 24-May-2019
3:00 PM - Trigger Your Points with

Rolling, spiky balls, trigger point release… these terms and more all describe self-myofascial release. That is, when you use pressure to treat your sore muscles and other soft tissues. For those who have a manual therapist at their beck and call, just get them to deal with it! But for the rest of us, it’s a cost- and time- effective way of reducing pain, improving form, maintaining musculoskeletal health or rehabilitating an injury. While we may argue what trigger points are and why they exist, there’s no denying their effect on our lives. Learn the current state of play with trigger points, where they might be and how you can incorporate their treatment into your practice. This workshop will unpack the science and best guesses around trigger points and other muscular issues, how to treat them using self-release tools, and will touch on how to program them into sessions for your clients... and for you! 


The 3 hour workshop is suitable for… 

  • Fully qualified Pilates Instructors
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Students (Pilates method, massage, health sciences)
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about trigger points for their own health

All materials will be supplied. Please wear comfortable clothes