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Saturday, 19-Oct-2019
12:00 PM - Pilates for SIJ and Lateral Hip Pain with Lanette Gavran

SIJ and Lateral Hip pain are common reoccurring physical issues mainly for women - but can also be experienced by men. This workshop uses the latest findings from scientific research to give you real tools to alleviate and rehabilitate from these common issues using the Pilates Method. You will learn how to tweak the Pilates repertoire to address these painful conditions, and to strengthen what you need to keep your clients in less pain.

Both Matwork and Studio repertoire and programming are included in this workshop.

Saturday, 2-Nov-2019
12:00 PM - Deborah Lessen's Chair with Lanette Gavran

Deborah Lessen is a protege of Carola Trier and a beloved New York based Pilates Instructor of over thirty years of experience. Her Pilates High Chair is an evolving product of research into one of Joe Pilates experimental chairs that involved a converted wheel chair with springs attached from above the chair, and Deborah's experience with one of Carola's chairs that has long since disappeared from general view. 

Deborah's High Chair is located in the Pilates Canberra Studio in Barton, and the only other of these chairs in Australia sits in the Melbourne Aligned For Life Studio at Moonie Ponds. These chairs offer a very different outcome to other Pilates Chairs using the traditional Pilates Chair repertoire, and also the chair has specific repertoire that has been created by Deborah to maximise the chairs' dimensions and features. 

Lanette has travelled to New York City a number of times to learn from Deborah as well as being involved in the Australian High Chair workshops that Deborah taught in Melbourne in 2017. Much of this repertoire will be taught and explored in this workshop, as well as how to appropriately program using the Deborah Lessen High Chair.